Organizational and personal consulting exactly to what you need

Have no idea how to design your business and operations plan?

It may be that you have a partner and you don't know how to distribute responsibilities and earnings equally for both...

Do you want to determine salaries, benefits and compensation programs for your collaborators?

Do you get lost when you think about forming the structure of your organization with positions, hierarchies and functions?

Do you want to implement new projects or work plans with your collaborators?

Do you want to make your customer and sales acquisition techniques more efficient and effective?

Do you require services for attracting, hiring and retaining Human Talent?

There’s so much we can do together

Hello! I’m Roberto Gomez Buenfil

Creator and Director of

Throughout my 20 years of experience as a consultant, I have observed recurring needs in people like you.

Businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers or owners who usually have great business ideas, but need to organize and implement them to get them going.

During this time, I have observed that they think first about the results, the profits and the lifestyle that their venture will bring about without dwelling on the process, the people, the materials or the action plan that their project needs to work.

These are my services:

  • Organizational Planning and Development Consultant
  • Attraction and retention of Human Talent
  • Professional Development Coach

These are the values that distinguish me




communication human 2 human

change generation and improvement


How can I help you and what will you achieve?

Are you a professional and looking for a job?

Tell me about your job aspirations and we will develop an emotional-professional journey that turns your initial idea into a project of growth and motivation.

There are companies looking for talent and I know you have it. With my consultancy you will have an external view and you will feel more security and support when it comes to taking the big step.

My main intention is to listen to you, give feedback and validate your ideas in a real and viable way so that you do not lose time, money, health or emotional stability.

Don't know how to organize your business?

Tell me your business goals to implement action plans for your business.

We are going to determine the investment, the way of operating, the positions, the management of the operation, the resources, the legal bases among many other details.

I will help you with already consolidated projects to find a new niche, to attack a new market, to launch a new product or service line, or simply to start from scratch with a structured plan.

Organization, management and business direction

Testimonials from companies and people who have received my services and solutions

throughout these 20 years they are satisfied and some tell it this way:

In this project I was involved in the integration of an operations manual, policies and procedures for the authorization of the National Banking and Securities Commission in order to achieve certification and be able to operate in the stock market. This operations manual included the step-bystep management of customer service and customer service requirements, integrating processes for the human talent that collaborates in Resulta®.

Alfredo Miramontes

Managing Director, Resulta Asesoría Patrimonial y Asesores Independientes,

I have known Roberto for 23 years and we have worked on social media campaigns to issue statements in organizations, supporting us in finding the right candidates in the right role. He has been a key element in the development of my related activities. Roberto is a person who knows how to communicate with all kinds of people, at different levels of the organization, in a clear and productive way. He is an orderly, honest, systematic and disciplined person who knows how to work under pressure, goals and specific objectives.

Kye Cousins

Marketing Director, Forrester,

Company located in Miami, company dedicated to architecture, interior design, furniture and equipment of both business (offices, hotels, etc.) and residential properties. With FedeCasa we have worked on communication strategies, development of work plans, talent attraction plans (Head Hunting) as well as business meetings for the strategic business alliance and commercial development.

Federico Terán

Managing Director, Fede Group Interior Design, Architecture and Furniture,

Ask me about your project,

I will be happy to help you