Let us turn your initial idea into a real and viable project.

My purpose is to help you land that idea and develop your business without losing time, money, health or motivation.


All my work is oriented to these objectives:

Personalized advice

My service is about you. I am interested in developing a solution tailored to your needs and resources, so I will be involved with your story and with you to provide you with the best ideas, processes and analysis.

Detailed analysis of your human and material resources

I know that one of the fundamental pillars of your business is the staff you work with. For this reason, one of my focuses is to offer you support in the selection, hiring and development of the human talent of your company or project.

Project implementation

Every organization needs the individual improvement of each team member. So I will accompany your collaborators and you in training, the use of new tools and knowledge to adapt to the new reality and innovation.

Process documentation

From minute one I will create registration documents of the changes, processes and workflows that are carried out so that they can later be used by the members of your organization. You will have tangible materials that will help you continue the work even when your talent grows or changes.

Guarantee of results

I am interested in you earning time, money and peace of mind. The goal is for your project to generate the desired results, so I work with a personalized guarantee scheme for each project.

Now, who am I?

My name is Roberto Gómez Buenfil and I am professionally dedicated to consulting in strategic planning, organizational development and job coaching for more than 20 years.

I am an industrial engineer graduated from the Anahuac University of Mexico City and I developed professional practices in Engineering processes in England, with a scholarship from the Confederation of British Industry.

I have completed diplomas in Business Administration (Institute of Specialization for Executives) and Franchise Consolidation (Mexican Association of Franchises A.C.).

I keep up to date on the topics of Human Development, Talent Attraction, Organizational and Business Development, Technology for Productivity / Time Management, Coaching in Labor / Professional Development and other topics, having participated in more than 50 seminars up to date.

Outside of my work as a consultant, I am a high-performance athlete dedicated to long-distance triathlons, which has led me to participate in competitions such as Ironman 70.3®, Ironman 140.6® and Challenge® in Mexico, the US, Canada and Europe.